Motivating, Educating and Documenting Lifestyle Changes through personal fitness training

A personal trainer in Spring, The Woodlands and Houston, Texas, dedicated to not only ensuring exercises are performed properly, but also providing motivation and nutritional guidance

Why am I a Personal Trainer?

"It is the trainer's role to not only motivate and educate their clients, but to understand each individual's situation, challenge them, and hold them accountable to their goals."

- Shauna Jackson

My Story

Not many years ago, at the height of 5' 7", I weighed 180 pounds, and was struggling with weight loss. My lifestyle was inactive, I ate what was quick and convenient (mostly fast food), and on top of it all, I was smoking!  I tried  the "miracle pills" and quick weight loss programs and learned that they were just a quick fix. As soon as the weight came off, it returned even faster. This "yo-yo" effect was unhealthy and left me feeling even more unmotivated and discouraged.

You may relate to what I was going through. I finally realized that all the money I was spending on the quick fix programs didn't justify the short-lived benefits, if any, that I received. I began to investigate working with a personal trainer - a decision that would change my life.

It wasn't until I hired a personal trainer that I was able to lose the weight and keep it off. My trainer not only motivated me to exercise, but also educated me on weight training,  cardiovascular conditioning, and taught me the importance of proper nutrition. Six months later, I weighed 135 pounds, had more energy, felt better about myself, and was able to quit smoking.

This experience motivated me to become a certified personal fitness trainer. Maybe the experiences I've had give me the ability to relate to the struggles many others go through as they try to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Personal fitness training should go beyond certification. I believe that it's about sharing experiences, caring about my client's needs, understanding where they've been and where they want to go, and helping them to achieve their goals.