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Training FAQ's

How much does in-home training cost? Is it more expensive than a gym?
Cost is determined by a number of factors, including distance and training frequency. In home training is generally comparable to the cost of a gym membership (which does not include working with a personal trainer), but provides tremendous value thanks to convenience and comfort.
Do I need to buy any equipment if I do in-home training?
No. Body Reconstruction provides everything needed to help you reach your fitness goals. Examples of some of the equipment provided are: dumbbells, barbells, exercise balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, step boards and more.
How long is a normal training session?
Sessions generally last an hour.
Can I get results training one day a week?
Your results will always be based on the amount of time you dedicate to training, and living a healthy lifestyle. You get out of it what you put into it.
What can I expect if I work with a trainer?
A good trainer should teach you proper form and technique, motivate you and help you be accountable to your fitness goals. They should help you overcome your struggles and challenge you to push past your comfort zone. A Personal Trainer's job is to help you transition into a healthier lifestyle with the knowledge to maintain it for a lifetime.
Can I train with my friends?

Absolutely! Having someone to exercise with can help you stay committed to your fitness program, make it more enjoyable, and Group Training can help make the cost of a Personal Trainer more affordable for everyone.
I just want to get rid of some fat around my middle. Can you do that?
It's a myth that you can chose one area of your body from which you wish to lose body fat. As we gain weight our body has certain areas where it stores body fat first,  (gender and genetics play a large role in determining this). Unfortunately, these are also the areas where our body loses fat last. A proper training program, (cardiovascular and weight training), combined with proper nutrition and calorie intake will get you the results you're looking for.
Why should I choose Body Reconstruction for my training?

As a Personal Trainer who at one time was overweight and struggled with the weight loss process myself I can identify with your frustrations and disappointments from many failed attempts to reach your fitness goals. It was not until I hired a personal trainer myself that I was able to effectively reach my fitness goals. It takes commitment, dedication, motivation and a trainer that is willing to identify with your struggles and help you overcome them. I would not ask you to do anything I have not done and overcome myself. My desire is to provide the average everyday person assistance to determine and achieve their own personal goals and to share in the excitement as their lives begin to change for the better! I will be by your side and we will overcome any obstacles we may encounter….TOGETHER.
Am I going to get bulky if I lift weights?
It is a myth that women will get “bulky” if they lift weights. Women don't naturally produce the amount of testosterone men do, and testosterone is the main hormone responsible for increasing muscle. Women should not be afraid to lift weights - in fact you want to develop muscle. Muscle burns more calories…so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn!